About Face Aesthetics Clinic and MakeUp Lounge

This post is about a property photography shoot I did for a new Aesthetics Clinic and MakeUp Lounge in Doncaster called About Face. When I arrived I was really impressed with how nice the salon looked. Even from outside the salon really stood out. It’s in a really good place located in Scawsby in Doncaster. It is right between a beauty salon and hairdressers so it’s in a prime location really. The salon is around 10 minutes drive from Doncaster town centre too.


Where I started

I started in the main area of the salon working my way around the room getting various angles while moving furniture around too. I like to get things perfect when doing interior photo shoots and spend a lot of time making sure things are all in line like chairs and furniture etc. I knew I was really going to enjoy photographing about face as it just looked so good, it wasn’t even open when I was there so it was great to get in there before ti was open to the public.


Why hire a professional interior photographer

I do think it is 100% worth hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your business. Potential customers look online and make their decisions based on how your business looks online. When they look and see high-quality professional images of your establishment, you will instantly stand out from your competition who may have taken photos on a phone themselves. I use various techniques to create my images that really does give your business a high-class look. 

If you would like to know more about using my professional services for your business just get in touch via my contact page. Here are some of the shots I took on the day of the interior of About Face Doncaster and also some of the treatment rooms.

About face doncaster
about face doncaster
about face doncaster
about face doncaster
about face doncaster
about face doncaster
about face doncaster

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