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Videography for your architecture and interiors

Are you looking for an architectural and interior videographer? You have come to the right place. Ben works throughout the whole of the UK and abroad to cover video architecture and interior projects. Sometimes photography isn’t enough and video can tell an even bigger story about your project. Videography for any architeural or interiors project can set you apart from your competition.

”A one-off payment for professional videography is an investment which can generate many, many more times the initial fee”


Architectural videography for your projects

Ben offers exciting videography packages for your architecture and interior projects to build a full case study of your project, from creating striking images to a storytelling video to go alongside it. Videography can visually assist you, to develop your brand and make you stand out from all your competitors.

Understanding the value of video for architecture

The images Ben provides for architects, interior designs, media publications, and bespoke fitted kitchen companies cater for large or small-scale assignments.

Interior videography

Delivering professional videography with creative angles to showcase your projects in its best light, showing key features of your project from the ground and the sky. Documentary-style case study videos are a powerful tool for providing your viewers with an in-depth look into your project and design. Sound is an essential component of the viewing experience, often the missing ingredient that can elevate the production value of a video.

Video showcase

For professionals such as architects and interior designers, walkthrough videos can be a great tool for showcasing their design skills and attracting new clients. A well-produced walkthrough video can effectively communicate the designer’s vision for that space, highlighting key features and design elements that might be difficult to show through static images alone. Creating walkthrough videos for interior projects and large scale projects can help you stand out in a competitive industry while providing clients with a more engaging and experience of their design.

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