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Commercial building photography

Ben Harrison is what most people call a building photographer, in other words he is an architectural photographer specializing in photographing buildings across the UK. Ben has worked for some of the UK’s biggest and well-respected companies, photographing high-end buildings for architects designers, publications and more. As a well-respected building photographer, Ben has earned his respect within the architect and design community, having a great understanding of what the architects and designer of the building requires. There are so many unique buildings here in the Uk and Ben believes that every single building deserves great photographs to show the building in its best light.

Building Photography

As a building photographer, Ben Harrison’s sensitive treatment of composition, light, and form, combined with a collaborative spirit, has made him an indispensable member of the team for a variety of professionals in the building industry. Architects, developers, urban planners, hoteliers, housing associations, and construction industry associations across the UK count on Ben’s photographs to energize their marketing and public relations campaigns and attract investment.

A photograph brings the building to the viewer, and that makes images an essential part of the toolkit for anyone working in the building industry. Whether you want to display your architectural work, take potential guests on a visual tour of a hotel, or integrate visuals into your company’s promotional material, a professional set of images communicates your skills and products in fresh and dramatic ways.

Architectural photography

For a skilled building photographer, the journey of taking exceptional photographs begins before going to the site. Ben works closely with the client to determine what the objectives of the project are and what is important to feature. He is attentive to all aspects of the setting, considering how the structure is viewed from various angles, the surrounding landscape, and the effect of light and shadows throughout the day. 

Both exteriors and interiors can be shot at different times of the day and in different seasons, to capture multiple views of the structure and subtle shifts in the perception of texture, colour, and character that occur according to environmental conditions. 

Interior building photography

The interior of a building is just as important as the exterior of a building, it requires just as much attention to detail. Ben has a keen eye for detail and excels in creating dramatic eye-catching images for his clients, taking his time to find the best angles to capture his images and show the space in its best light. Giving buildings a visual representation of what lies inside the structures is what Ben loves to create. All the images produced to go a long way into providing high quilty advertising material to inside new clients, use in publications or on your website to show the finer details of a project and a sense of professionalism to your business.

Custom Shoots

Each project is customised for the client, with the creative choices driven by the intention of the client. Architectural photographs, for example, showcase those standout elements of the design that spark interest in the firm and its work, while creating images for posterity.

Sometimes the building photographer needs to provide appealing images of a space to attract prospective buyers, tenants, or guests. That calls for authentic, attractive depictions of the exterior and interior of the building, that invite the viewer to visualize themselves entering and inhabiting the space. 

Technical photography

Architectural photography is technically demanding, and the building photographer requires careful selection of equipment that can meet the challenges of perspective, lighting, and detail shots. Ben’s own arsenal includes a selection of wide angle and tilt-shift lenses that provide numerous options for achieving the perfect shot, as well as high-quality post-processing software for the finished product. Images are available in a range of formats as needed, including websites, print publications, and exhibits.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Check out Ben’s gallery of exterior and interior architectural photographs, including award-winning shots of heritage sites, cityscapes, and commercial establishments, for evidence of the outstanding results he achieves when working with his clients. 

Ben’s work includes photographing some of the most exciting new buildings in contemporary UK, but he also turns his practiced eye to small-scale spaces, such as reconfigured and renovated buildings that are born again as neighbourhood cafes and offices.  

Whether your own project is large or small, when it’s time to introduce it to the world, you need a building photographer. You need Ben Harrison Photography on your team. 

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