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Drone photography services throughout the UK, covering areas such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire, specializing in construction, architecture and the built environment. providing a unique view on your projects to show an exciting new perspective. Drone photography is well on the way to becoming a must-have tool for a variety of companies. Combining drone technology with Ben’s trained eye and extensive experience in the field of photography will result in exciting and professional presentations that set a high standard for the growing field of drone images. With drone technology, clients have access to high quality, cost-effective images from a perspective that was beyond the reach of many clients before. Drone Photography services can now cover those spaces and places that were out of reach, Ben is able to use drones to take aerial views from a height of up to 400 feet.

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Drone photographer

Ben Harrison can offer images from up to 400 feet above the ground level to provide a wealth of information that can be invaluable assets for professionals, businesses, and individuals. Tracking changes in the landscape, study architectural layouts, environmental damage and monitor work in progress. Site conditions are reviewed more efficiently and at a fraction of the time and cost. Access to drone photography is an asset for the construction industry, with the addition of aerial images that capture the buildings and the surrounding area from multiple angles.

Construction drone photography

The benefits of aerial drone photography for the construction site are becoming a must-have. Drone technology allows Ben to capture images safely and quickly on any site that present challenges for site members. This streamlines the construction monitoring and inspection process and frees valuable expertise and resources. Been able to report progress, show construction details, or market the company’s projects, Ben Harrison’s aerial views provide close-up, wide-angle, and panoramic perspectives that effectively communicate essential information. The images will speak volumes to the client about the quality of work your company provides.

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Aerial Photographer for Site Inspections

Do you need to assess damages, Check the condition of the roof, windows, or facade? Do you want to track changes in the landscape, or survey the grounds? Drone photographs can give you the information you need about the condition of the building and grounds that are difficult, and expensive to reach. Ben Harrison Photography brings the images to you, where an assessment can be conducted safely on the ground.

Architectural aerial photography

Architects will find a lot of opportunities to incorporate drone photography to showcase their projects. An architectural aerial photographer can take images of a site from the early stages to provide an overview of the built environment for the proposed development.  As the design evolves, aerial views help illustrate the proposed concept to clients. 

For work that involves renovation work, aerial views from a drone offer unique views of the existing structure, without interfering with its condition, putting workers at risk or erecting expensive scaffolding. with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. When it’s time to promote the completed project or update the firm’s portfolio of work, the drone images that Ben Harrison delivers will create a high standard and unique view for all to see,


Drone roof surveys and inspections

A cost-effective way to complete aerial surveys, no need to worry about erecting expensive scaffolding and completing extensive risk assesmnets. Let Ben take the hassle away and complete roof surveys and inspections. Capture high-quality images of those hard to reach areas with a professional drone pilot.

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Architectural photography

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Construction photography

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Aerial inspections

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Site progress images

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Landscape photography

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sheffield drone aerial photography
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Drone Photographer for Estate Agents

Estate agents know how important high-quality images of properties are for sales, with Images serving as a major asset to show exterior and interior views of properties. Buyers and sellers rely on Images to show the layout of the garden and surrounding area. Standard camera angles don’t tell the whole story. Creating a portfolio that includes drone images of properties that shows every angle of the grounds from as high as 400ft above ground level, showing the position of the property, outbuildings, the property grounds and the views the buyer can expect.

A professional drone photographer can produce images for an estate agents portfolio that has proven results, with viewers sharing drone images most often. Ben Harrison’s efficiency in the technical and aesthetic aspects of aerial photography and presentation ensures that each property will be shown in its best light, enticing prospective clients to explore further and connect with the estate agent. 

Site progress aerial photography

Site progress is greatly assisted with Ben Harrison photography taking aerial Images for the record. Ben’s drone photography will help clients with unique views of the project to date, construction details from up to 400ft above ground level, an overview of site activity during different phases of construction. Scheduled visits from Ben Harrison will keep progress records up to date and help establish due diligence in the event of a misunderstanding or dispute about the quality of the work, especially for those parts of construction that are difficult to access without a drone.


Ben Harrison Aerial Photographer

Ben’s growing client list attests to his unique and technical skill and aesthetic taste. When you’re ready to explore the potential of Bens drone photography services for your own business, get in touch with Ben Harrison Photography.

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