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Commercial photography in Sheffield

Ben is a commercial photographer in Sheffield, Ben Harrison Photography is ready to help your business stand out from the rest. Ben Harrison Photography has earned a reputation in Sheffield and throughout the UK for award-winning images that draw on a keen eye for composition and exceptional technical skills. Approaching his first decade in the business, Ben has successfully combined his creative drive with state-of-the-art software and processing equipment that allows viewing and sharing of images across multiple platforms. 

As a commercial photographer in Sheffield, Ben understands the value of powerful visuals, such as those showcased in his extensive portfolio of high-quality, professional images. He has a versatile practice, serving a range of clients with diverse needs, calling on Ben for images of buildings, business, events, landscapes, and more. 

Commercial Photography 

The right set of images can be instrumental in taking a commercial enterprise to the next level and when businesses are looking for a photographer in Sheffield, Ben Harrison Photography is often the first stop. Restaurants, salons, and hotels are a few of the businesses that contact Ben for images that capture their unique products and services. 

Ben’s meticulous attention to detail and attention to clients’ needs result in images that highlight the aspects of each business as it needs to be seen to attract the customers they deserve.

Event Photography

Also been an event photographer in Sheffield to capture a corporate event, special gala, or social gathering? Ben Harrison Photography excels at recording the high spirits and solemn moments that mark special occasions. Ben doesn’t miss the candid portraits, action shots, and festive décor of those special events. 

High-resolution photographs can be made available in an online gallery, ready to share with colleagues and staff, print, or integrate into marketing material for your business.

Architectural Photography

Any photographer in Sheffield appreciates the opportunities that abound with the wealth of architectural heritage and exciting new developments within easy reach. Ben’s sensitivity to building form, designer’s intent, and detailing produces magazine-ready images that highlight the most memorable angles of the structure. As a result, his commercial architectural photography is much in demand with architects and designers, housing associations, local councils, and developers. 

Landscape Photography

Ben’s affinity for the natural environment gives him an advantage as a photographer in Sheffield. The landscape photographs produced by Ben Harrison Photography have the quality of fine art and are featured on office walls all over the UK. 

Photography Workshops

Ben Harrison Photography conducts workshops regularly, where Ben shares his passion and technical skills, as well as introducing participants to some of the most magnificent and beloved scenery in the Yorkshire area and beyond. If you love the art and craft of photography, you won’t want to miss out on Ben’s workshops.





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