London street photography workshops

Street photography in London 

This workshop focuses on street photography and captures the extraordinary beauty and stories of London. As an instructor, you will explore hidden streets, monuments, and neighborhoods while improving your street photography skills. For a completely unique experience.

Choose a suitable location in london 

Throughout this street photography workshop, you’ll explore a variety of locations in London to capture compelling photos. Starting in your instructor’s favorite spots, you’ll look for exceptional places and angles that can help tell stories, as well as discover how to observe the scene and how to find interesting subjects. With guidance from your instructor, you’ll create meaningful photographs that communicate complex stories in an artistic way.

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Understand Street Photography Principles

In this six-hour workshop, you’ll learn the basics of street photography. You’ll understand how to capture form, texture and light in a way that can bring life to your photos. Your instructor will explain the concept of framing and leading lines, as well as explore depth of field and focus techniques that can help you effectively create images. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to create interesting compositions regardless of weather conditions or location.

Learn Essential Composition Tips

Composition is a key element in creating captivating photos and this workshop will teach you the essential concepts and techniques for dynamically framing your subject. You’ll learn what to consider when creating an image, and how to use elements such as lines, curves, textures and shadows to lead viewers through your photo. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into spotting opportunities even in challenging environments and understand how to use depth of field and focus to draw attention to areas of interest.

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Overcome Fear of Shooting in Public Spaces

Street photography can be intimidating, especially when it comes to shooting in public spaces. During this workshop, you’ll get tips on how to overcome such fears, sharpen your observational skills, and find creative ways to compose amazing shots. With the help of an experienced street photographer and knowledge of the best techniques and tricks, you’ll be ready to capture the beauty and culture of London in stunning photographs.

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