London street photography

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London street photography

As an established London street photographer, I love to capture natural moments in and around the London area. London is an amazing place for street photography as there is so much going on and so many different and diverse people there too.

Coming from an architectural background I like to find symmetry in my London street photography and use buildings to frame subjects. There is something quite mesmerizing as watching people sit among the architecture in London.

Using architecture in street photography around London

Finding architecture to use as a background with leading lines within them is a skill. With this striking image, you can see people just going about their day and being included in the architecture around them. It makes for a great image. Canary wharf station is an amazing piece of architecture for street photography in London. The lighting is just perfect and fills the entrance with amazing light too.

Why does being a London street photographer help my commercial work?

Getting out in London to take street photography images helps you improve your skills for commercial work, especially commercial event work. You are constantly looking for little pools of light and the right moment for somebody to walk through them. It helps to improve your reaction time and to anticipate moments happening in front of you.

With my architecture work, I’m constantly trying to find the best angles to photograph buildings or how to show some perspective on how big the building may be. Being forced into a situation where you have to make a conscious decision on the spot on how to capture a great image in one click is just so addictive.

Creative street photography angles

Looking for the perfect shot is exciting, trying to find angels you can’t see at eye level. if you slow things down you really start to see things you would otherwise just walk past. I love this photo of everyone rushing to work and in the midst of that, you have a moment of bliss through their legs of them. quietly playing to the public and nobody even noticing him except me 🙂

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Symmetry in street photography

In London, I’m constantly trying to find new angles within the city. I look for symmetry in my photos and try to include the natural environment. With this photo below I framed the London skyline with a section of the bridge. Because there are so many buildings in London you can frame your shots with symmetry in mind. This enables you to create some striking and unique images within London.

London street photography workshops

London street photography workshops

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