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Aerial photographer Ben Harrison Photography specialises in drone photography services throughout the UK, covering areas such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire. Photographing projects for construction enterprises, national House builders, architectural firms and local councils, providing a birds-eye view on your projects to show a unique and dynamic perspective. The sky is the limit at Ben Harrison Photography. With drone technology close at hand, clients have access to quality, cost-effective images from a perspective that was beyond the reach of many clients until recently. Ben Harrisons drone Photography services can now cover those spaces and places that are out of reach to the human eye, using unmanned Ariel vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to take aerial views from a height of up to 400 feetDrone photography is well on the way to becoming a must-have tool for a variety of enterprises. Combining drone technology with Ben’s trained eye, sharp skills, and extensive experience in the field of photography results in exciting and professional presentations that set a high standard for the growing field of aerial images.

Ben Harrison is fully licensed, has full public liability insurance and is CAA approved


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drone photographer Manchester

Drone photography services

Do you need the big picture? That’s something an aerial photographer like Ben Harrison can offer. Images from up to 400 feet above the ground level provide a wealth of information that can be an invaluable aid for professionals, businesses, and individuals. The affordable technology of drones lets clients track changes in the landscape, study architectural layouts and features, observe land use or environmental damage and monitor work in progress. Site conditions are reviewed more efficiently and at a fraction of the time and cost. Access to aerial photography is energizing the construction, cultural and event planning sectors too. Shine up the visual record of gallery openings, the build process and build completions, with the addition of aerial images that capture the buildings and the surrounding area from multiple angles.

Construction drone photographer

The benefits of aerial photography for the construction site are increasingly recognized in the industry. Drone technology allows Ben to record more safely and quickly areas of the job site that present challenges for site members. This streamlines the construction monitoring and inspection process and frees valuable expertise and resources for problem-solving. When it’s necessary to describe the project, report progress, show construction details, or market the company’s projects, Ben Harrison’s aerial views provide close-up, wide-angle, and panoramic perspectives that effectively communicate that essential information. The professionalism of the images will speak volumes to the client about the quality of work the company produces.


Aerial drone photography has become a popular choice in a variety of industries and for many different purposes. The latest drone technology is used to produce premium aerial images. Drone photography services come in industry-standard packages with various formats, including JPEG or RAW. Many of our Professional, CAA-approved pilots can develop and deliver aerial photography projects.


drone photographer Manchester

Architectural drone photography

Architects and landscape architects will find a host of opportunities for incorporating aerial photography as an aid to the hard work of bringing projects from dream to reality. An architectural aerial photographer can take photos of the site from the early stages to provide an overview of natural and built features that impact the proposed development.  As the design evolves, aerial views help illustrate the proposed concept to clients, allowing them to more clearly visualize the development before construction starts.

For commissions that involve restoration and renovation work, aerial views available from a drone offer comprehensive views of the existing structure, without jeopardizing its condition, putting workers at risk or erecting scaffolding. with minimal disturbance to the neighbourhood. When it’s time to market the completed development or freshen the firm’s portfolio of work, the drone’s- eye view that Ben Harrison delivers will create powerful tours with those incomparable “you are here” moments for the audience.

Aerial Photographer for Site Inspections

Do you need to assess damage or track the deterioration of a building?  Check the condition of the roof, gable windows, or fascia and soffits? Do you want to examine changes in the landscape, or survey the extent of the grounds? Aerial photographs can give you the information you’re seeking about the condition of those parts of the building and grounds that are difficult, time-consuming, expensive and even hazardous, to access in person. Ben Harrison Photography brings the images to you, where the assessment can be conducted safely on the ground.


Drone roof surveys and inspections

A cost-effective way to complete aerial building surveys, no need to worry about completing HSE (working at height safety regulations as all the work is completed from ground level. Let Ben take the hassle away and complete roof surveys without having to pay for expensive scaffolding and completing complex risk assessments. Capture high-quality images of those hard to reach areas with a proffesional drone pilot.


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Construction photography

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Architectural photography

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Site progress images

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Aerial inspections

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Landscape photography

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Drone photography by a professional drone pilot

Professional drone photographers can produce extraordinary results when drone photography is done. Drone photography is a great alternative to traditional photography services. It also enhances the customer experience by immersing them in an exciting experience.

A drone pilot must be CAA-approved and have the appropriate insurance to cover the risks associated with aerial photography. Book with confidence as every Drone Safe Register-approved drone operator is fully licensed to offer commercial drone photography services.

Ben is a drone photography company based in Yorkshire. We offer a wide range of drone services to clients across the UK. He performs a variety of aerial services, including drone photography and aerial filming, fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means that he has the experience, knowledge, and skills to safely perform a wide range of commercial drone operations. Ben offers drone surveys and aerial photography services that are fully insured, working with clients and customers all across the UK.

Aerial photography examples

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drone photographer Manchester
Ikea drone photo, aerial photograph of ikea
drone photographer Manchester
drone photographer Manchester
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drone photographer Tuscany Cortona
drone photographer Manchester
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doncaster drone photo st georges church
drone photographer Manchester
drone photographer Tuscany Cortona
drone photographer Manchester
drone photographer
manchester drone photography
Haribo factory drone photo
Mclaren aerial drone photo
new build houses drone aerial photo
drone photographer Manchester
Aerial photo of university
lakeside aerial photo
drone photographer Manchester
construction aerial photography
cusworth hall sunset drone photo
sheffield drone aerial photography
building site drone photography
aerial drone photo
doncaster drone photographer, train station
sheffield drone construction
aerial photography
drone photography
aerial photography images
leeds drone photography of thorpe park shopping centre
drone photographer Manchester
drone photo of amazon warehouse
drone photographer Manchester
doncaster pride festival
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drone photographer Yorkshire
drone photographer London
drone photographer Manchester
drone photographer Manchester
drone photographer Manchester
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drone photographer Manchester
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Site progress aerial photography

The task of site progress documentation is greatly assisted, with Ben Harrison taking aerial views for the record. Ben’s drone photography will help supply the client with a guided view of the work to date, construction details from all corners of the structure, and an overview of site activity during different phases of construction. Regularly scheduled visits from Ben will keep your progress records up to date and help establish due diligence in the event of any misunderstanding or dispute about the extent or quality of the work, especially for those parts of construction that are difficult to access.

Construction site aerial photography shows every stage of a project from planning, foundations, building and through to completion. Aerial photos are the best way to see the progress of a construction site. Ben is CAA certified and has more than 10 years of experience in construction. Meetings with clients can be arranged with clients who are construction professionals to understand their needs and to help them decide how to use aerial photography. Start with aerial photography for the identification and definition of land in order to support planning applications. Drone flying (UAV) is an economical way to record progress on construction sites, as well as issues. It can also be used to produce “as built” documentation and hand it over. Ultra HD 4K video and still photos have been used to provide evidence and information regarding the release of contract retain money. This was done without having to erect costly scaffolding.

Aerial Photographer for Estate Agents

Estate agents know how important quality images of properties are for their work, with photographs serving as a major visual aid to show exterior and interior views of properties for sale. Buyers and sellers alike rely on photographs to convey the essence of the house and garden. Conventional camera angles can’t tell the whole story. Imagine a portfolio that includes aerial images of the property that explores every aspect of the grounds as high as 400ft above the property, relaying the position of the house, outbuildings, extent of the grounds, neighboring properties, town, prominent landmarks, and the views the prospective buyer can expect to enjoy.

Choosing an aerial photographer with drone technology to produce images for the estate agents portfolio has proven results, with viewers sharing and pinning these views the most often. Ben Harrison’s proficiency in the technical and aesthetic aspects of aerial photography and presentation ensures that each property will be shown in its best light, enticing prospective clients to explore further and connect with the estate agent.

Drone Property Photography

Creating stunning aerial drone images and videos for residential agents. Videos and photos are taken from the air to capture the scale of the property, land and surrounding area which is not possible with ground-based photography. Remote pilot drones are used to take aerial footage. This gives potential buyers a bird’s-eye view which makes your property portfolio stand apart from others on sites like Zoopla, Rightmove, and Prime Location. Using a professional aerial Photographer will improve the value of your residential property. Aerial photography can revitalize apartments and houses that look dull at ground level. Google Earth’s aerial images via satellite and Google Earth’s aerial maps are often out-of-date and don’t reflect the real picture to show an accurate layout, Bens aerial photography can be taken at 400ft from the ground. Drone quadcopters have made aerial photography affordable for estate agents. Aerial photos of a house are being requested by clients who are willing to pay extra to get an edge when selling their homes. A winning combination for sales is using quality exterior and interior images combined with aerial photography. This is especially true for luxury residential properties with high-value interior and exterior images. Sales videos are becoming increasingly popular too. Using the most advanced Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro video and photo editing software. Ben provides professional editing services, including graphics, color correction, and color grading tailored to your needs.

Drone Roof Inspection & Surveys: Yorkshire

Are you looking for a drone inspection company that can inspect your commercial or residential property from the air? Drones are capable of reaching difficult-to-reach areas quickly and safely. Our drone roof surveys can be done quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

The advancements in drone technology have made it much easier and cheaper to perform tasks that were once difficult and costly. Our drone roof inspections can be performed by Ben to inspect everything, from roofs and chimneys to apartment blocks, stadiums, wind turbines, spires of churches, solar panels, and many other items.

Footage from the drone’s roof survey can be streamed to a remote monitor on the ground. This allows you to direct the pilot to the problem areas you wish to inspect. High-resolution photos and ultra-high definition 4K video are available during filming. Drone roof inspections are faster and more efficient than using cherry pickers, rope access equipment, or scaffolding.

Although based in Yorkshire, Ben operates throughout the entire UK.

Ben Harrison Aerial Photographer

Ben’s growing and varied client list attest to his technical skills, versatility, aesthetic taste, and collaborative attitude. When you’re ready to explore the potential of drone aerial photography for your own business, get in touch with Ben Harrison Photography.

To discuss any requirements you may have, please get in touch.

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