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Architecture Photography

Ben is an award-winning architectural photographer based in the UK, Ben Harrison Photography welcomes commissions throughout the UK and internationally, he serves places such as London, North Wales and also all the midlands areas that call for his skills in architectural photography. Ben’s love for architecture and design has earned him an outstanding reputation among architects, developers and designers, who regard him as an important part of the team.
With Ben’s expertise, you can rest assured that your projects will stand high above your competition. Whether you want to create a portfolio for your projects to attract new clients, showcase your projects, or for marketing material for new developments, Ben provides images that take your work to the next level.

Interior Photography

Working hard to capture striking images of the interior spaces, Ben helps people experience your project through detailed images.
Producing visuals that really stand out in a saturated market. employing his unique skill set, together with advanced digital equipment. When combined with his great understanding of architecture, the result is a series of dramatic images that serve as a virtual tour of the space for your prospective clients.
Ben’s digital equipment provides multiple options for angles and lighting, while powerful editing software allows all his images to be processed for a wide variety of digital and print formats.
The growing client list for Ben Harrison Photography includes both national and international based architects, construction companies, designers and property developers. He works in areas such as Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, the North West, Yorkshire, North Wales and London. Ben has also been as far as Austria for commercial projects.
Ben’s work has been featured in many magazines, and publications, again helping to draw attention to your projects and attract new business.

Exterior Photography

Ben’s well-trained eyes and technical skills help to achieve high-end architectural photographs that draw on the connection between the building and the landscape, as well as a deep understanding of the architect’s intent. That understanding comes from a process that involves a level of preparation to create images that will be striking to the viewer and show your projects in their best light. Check out Ben Harrison’s exterior architectural photography extending to urban landscapes and developments, providing incredible visual images for clients’ use.

An architectural photographer based in the UK

Having been an architectural photographer for nearly 10 years working from the UK, he has built up a great client base and works throughout the whole of the UK and also internationally. His commercial work has taken him as far as Austria to complete projects for his clients. If you are looking for an architecture or commercial photographer in the UK then get in touch with Ben and see what he can do for you your business.

Why do you need a photographer?

Ben Harrison Architectural Photographer

Exceptional work deserves exceptional images. Architects depend on strong visuals of their work to communicate their skills and experience to potential clients and generate interest in the studio.  An architectural photographer can bring your building, both exterior and interior, to the people you want to meet, extending your reach far beyond your workplace and the location of your projects.

The quality of the photographs sends a message about the quality of the work you as a company produce. With the right images, you can establish your brand, eventually creating a signature look that makes your projects instantly recognizable as your reputation grows.

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Getting to Know You

As an architectural photographer, Ben Harrison knows that understanding the architect’s intent is key to producing photographs that engage the viewer emotionally and intellectually. Before any shots are taken, Ben discusses with the architectural team to discuss the subject of the photographs, what drove the design process, what the team is most proud of, and what they want to communicate with the images. 

Ben familiarizes himself with the project, observing it within the context of its setting. He notes any challenges that need to be met to create accurate representations of the building form and special details that should be highlighted. His extensive preparation allows Ben to compose vivid and dramatic images that correspond with the team’s vision of the project.

Experience and Skill

It takes more than a “point-and-shoot” skill to create the kind of photographs that your architectural work deserves and that attracts new clients. Exterior and interior photographs call for considerable technique and specialized equipment, as well as advanced knowledge of the tools of the trade. An architectural photographer, such as Ben Harrison, has years of training and experience dedicated to capturing the most accurate image of the building, that respects the architect’s intention.

An Investment that Lasts

An architectural photographer is a cost-effective investment for your business. Images of architectural work form the backbone of marketing materials, whether they are used for print media, brochures, websites, portfolios, slideshows, or billboards. With a library of high-quality images on hand, your firm will be able to quickly seize any opportunity that arises to promote its work.

The value of architectural photographs isn’t limited to advertising. They are also used for presentation displays, to document construction, and for award submissions. Often architects need photographs as visual aids for lectures and workshops.

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