Food photography


photo of rolled ice cream from scrapes in doncaster
photo of waffles from scrapes in doncaster
photo of cookie dough from scrapes in doncaster
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food photographer
food photographer
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Food photography

Food contains all of the elements of design that make a striking image. Color, texture, pattern, lines, shape, and form, yet it seems almost impossible to correctly capture these elements in a way that appeals to your customers. Hire a professional photographer to capture your food images which will entice your customer to visit your establishment.

Ben has been a professional photographer for over 7 years and takes great pride in capturing images that will stand the test of time and make your business stand out from your competition. How many times have you heard “You eat with your eyes first” It’s true! A beautifully executed food image will make the viewer’s mouth water and their stomach rumble, they will want to come and eat at your establishment. 

It’s a job of a food photographer to present images that make people stop, look, and feel like they just can’t go without the food they are looking at.

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