Interior of the earl of Doncaster bridal sweet, interior photography by Ben Harrison photography

Property Photographer

Professional property photography

Give your property the best chance of selling or letting, By using great images to show off your property at its best

We live in a digital world these days and most people looking for a property will look on sites such as Right move to find the house or property they would like to live in or buy. That’s before they even think about going to an estate agents office. Unfortunately it’s not an easy task to photograph a house to look great. As a photographer it is our job to make properties look their best to appeal to whom may be interested. 

It is often said that a photograph will speak a thousand words and i do believe this is true. Having great photographs to show off your property should be at the top of your list if you want to stand out from the rest, especially if other properties have been taken by somebody other than a professional property photographer. 

I am a professional property photographer and I will ensure your business, house, flat or other property will get the photos it deserves. Knowing how to shoot rooms to show off their best features is a skill. To balance all the different lighting and to make the rooms look inviting and spacious. 

Having great pictures will always make a good impression on whoever is considering making a big investment on buying or renting a home, flat or visiting your business.

So why do you need professional high quality images?

The chances are that people will be going through all the estate agent sites or property search engines, looking for their house to pop out at them, The main reason you stop to look at a property is because of the photo you see on the screen, It makes them click on the advert, It excites them going through the images to imagine them selfs in that room. 

You also spend a long time before you want to make your house, flat or other property public, painting doing the garden or surrounding area to then not think about using a photographer to show off how nice it looks. 

The only reason somebody will look at your property and consider going to look at your property is because of the photos, A photo tells you everything, If the photo is done right, by a photographer that knows exactly how to shoot properties.

Great photos are also going to contribute to the price. Just as a perfectly decorated home will go for a higher price than a similar property that’s untidy and in need of work. Badly presented pictures do impact how people feel about your asking price, so you need to make sure that your property images presents themselves to their fullest potential.

If you don’t have great pictures, all your home improvement efforts may be wasted. Your prospective buyer may pass your property over for a more inviting picture.

Event photography

Are you looking for a Doncaster event photographer? Ben has years of experience photographing events around the South Yorkshire area. Having a professional photographer and using Bens photography services to capture your event will add that extra special touch to your event. What better way to showcase your event than to have professional photos showing what a great night you had and also have Ben capture all the key moments for you to promote online. All photos taken are uploaded onto a private password protected gallery for all your guests to see. All images can be provided in high resolution and also web versions if required for social media etc.


Doncaster Commercial Photography – FAQ’s

Where can I find you and will you travel to me?

Ben is located in Doncaster and will travel anywhere, not just around the UK either. Bens work has taken him as far as Austria for commercial shoots


How do I get started?

Simply give Ben a call or send an email and he will run through your requirements with you, preparing what is required for the shoot based on your specifications including equipment and locations etc.
After the shoot is complete Ben will review the images and edit them to get exactly what you require.
You will then receive images direct to your email. If any final touch up’s are needed at all, I will do that for you.


Do you use the best commercial equipment?

Using all the latest equipment for commercial projects. Ben uses Sony cameras and tilt-shift lenses, however, things change based on the customer’s specifications and what the job requires to produce the best results.
To book in for Doncaster photography or commercial photography anywhere in the world just get in touch.


Why do you need a Commercial photographer?

The most pivotal aspect in commercial photography and architectural photography on a website, Facebook or other promotional materials are its photographs. Poring over these images, prospective customers instantly make a decision whether to come to your establishment or not.

As a commercial photographer and architectural photography shooting commercial photography based in Yorkshire. He takes pride in photographing interior, venue and real estate photography, using the latest techniques and the very best equipment to capture all the fine details and vibrant colour even under difficult lighting conditions. Allow Ben as a commercial photographer to capture your venue, interior or business using these techniques and your promotional materials will stand head and shoulders above your competition.


Photography in South Yorkshire

Although Ben is a commercial Doncaster photographer and architectural photographer based in Yorkshire, He has worked all over the UK and even overseas as far as Austria shooting commercial projects for my clients, Frequently shooting commercial properties that also include projects in London too.

Many of Bens commercial photography images do have features in magazines and brochures all over the UK, again proving that it should be at the top of your list to hire a commercial photographer to shoot your high-end images for your website to showcase your products or your business

If you are interested in any commercial photography services,
please just Get in touch for a free quote.


Business in Doncaster

Ben has also produced photos for a number of well-respected businesses in Doncaster some of which include the Doncaster council, about-face, DHL, Rossington Hall, Doncaster French gate and many more. Again showing testament to Ben’s work as a photographer in the Doncaster area. If you are interested in using Ben for photographs of your business please just get in touch.





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