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Social media photography

I have been a social media photographer for over 10 years now, I have been helping businesses across the UK for a long time now, working to create a strong online presence for many companies, creating striking images to give your social media a professional look.


Why do you need a photographer for your social media?

With so many businesses now being on social media, hiring a professional social media photographer will help you stand out from your competition. Having professional images on the internet will help bring you the customers you want, showing off your product or space in its best light. Customers can see how well presented your business looks online and can see you take a professional approach to your online business.

Stand out from your competition and increase your sales


Your Business

of What professional social media photos can do for your business 

Over the years I have worked for a lot of online businesses and I have seen so many success stories After using me as their photographer and updating their images on their social media sites. Having a strong online presence is vital in today’s world, it really helps to sell your product or business and stand out from all of the competition.


Here are some examples of images I have provided for businesses as a social media photographer.

About-face Beauty lounge

I was hired by Sarah at about-face as she had just completed renovating her salon and beauty lounge. The standard of work in this place was unbelievable, if they had used photos taken on a phone it wouldn’t have done this place justice, the images I took for their social media platform gave the business a clean professional look. About-face is now one of the top clinics in the area with clients booking months in advance to try and get in, again proving why it is so important to hire a social media photographer.

about face social media collage

Blue room architecture

Ian from Blue room architecture contacted me to get some images for his social media profiles, he wanted to show his customers what work he had completed for previous clients. I do a lot of work for Ian and photograph all of his new completed projects, it’s great to see all of the work he has done and all of the custom my photos bring him. Hiring a professional photographer for a job like this is essential to capture all of the angles and make his work stand out from the rest.

Blu room architecture social media collage

Rare hair and beauty

Amy from Rare and beauty got in touch to take images of her salon, again the work was great on this job and I knew it was going to look amazing online. The only advertising that Amy did was put these photos online, this salon is now busy all the time with everybody talking about how nice the salon looked and people wanted to get booked in straight away.

rare hair and beauty social media collage

B+M Architectural

I was hired by this company to photograph a glass install at the McLaren showroom, I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed this job a lot, being surrounded by millions of pounds worth of cars was a nice feeling. The company I worked for used the images to showcase the glass installs throughout the building to attract new clients. I have worked for this company a number of times now and my work i have completed for them still keeps fetching them new custom with every job I do for them.

b+m architectural social media collage

Arch Dental

Every business I work for is completely different, this dental practice was very forward-thinking in getting the clients they wanted. Arch dental is a high end private dental practise and they needed the photos to show this on the internet. When I arrived I was very surprised how nice the building was. I wanted to give it a clean professional look, as you can see by the images this place stands out and is now a thriving business.

Arch dental social media collage

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I initially reached out to a local Facebook group to find a professional photographer to take photos of a project we had just completed – of a remodel and extension to a bungalow in Hatfield, Doncaster. Ben came highly recommended by many people which lead me to reach out a get a quote from him. Ben was very responsive and helpful. The photos he took were brilliant and I am overall very happy to work with Ben again. Thank you again, Ben

Alex Ramskill

Ben is a top class photographer. We hired him to do a commercial interior for a client and his photos have really elevated perceptions of the business as a whole.
From the moment I got in touch communication was great, despite the original shoot date being delayed by lockdown. On the day of the shoot he was friendly, professional and efficient, getting the shots we needed straight away and suggesting potential angles that we had missed.
I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Ben for any commercial photography project.

Joseph Kingham

Ben was professional from the start, he is quick to respond to emails and the quality of his work is excellent. We will be using him again for
Future work and I would highly Recommend him.

Ian Grainger

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