The Breathtaking View From the Top of the Shard

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The view from The Shard in London

The Breathtaking View From the Top of  The Shard in London is one of the best views in London to see the city. Looking out from The Shard you can pretty much see the whole city. I’ve always wanted to get a photo of the view of London from the shard, I put a lot of planning into this photo and I’m really happy with the final result.


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Looking out from The Shard over the city of London

If you are going to check out the Breathtaking View From the Top of the Shard, you need to go prepared, if you are a photographer you will be disappointed to know you are not allowed tripods up to the viewing decks. This makes taking photos very difficult especially because you have to take photos through glass too. 


The view from the Shard at night

The view from the shard in the daytime is truly amazing, but the view at night is something else. It’s unbelievable how many lights you can see, you can see the whole of London. The feeling it gives you is amazing. It makes you feel so small in a big city like London. You can see, Tower Bridge, the walkie-talkie building, the cheese grater building and the river temes snaking all the way through the city. 


When is the best time to go up to the Shards viewing deck? 


For me being a photographer the best time is the blue hour which happens just after sunset. There are plenty of apps you can find out when the blue hour will be as it changes throughout the year. It’s the best time because the sky goes a gorgeous blue color and all the city lights turn on. You usually get a lot of people up there to check out the view from The Shard so you need to grab a spot and wait it out. But my god it’s worth it. 


How to find The Shard 

You can find the shard a short walk from Tower Bridge Station. You can see the shard from a lot of places in London so if you want to do some sightseeing you can take a long walk to the shard, the shard is a 95-story building so it’s hard to miss, it also looks like shards of glass hence its name, the design is truly breathtaking and its an honor to have taken this photo out over London from the top of The Shard. 

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The best view from the Shard in London

If you need any information or directions to The Shard check out this link to The Shard website


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