Top 10 Things to do in Doncaster

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Top 10 things to do in Doncaster

Are you looking for the best things to do in Doncaster? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve lived in Doncaster all my life and I’m the Doncaster photographer for the Doncaster council which means I get to visit a lot of places and see loads of events too. I’ve created a list which I feel are the best things to do in Doncaster right now. This list is coming from the view of a mid-30-year-old but the list can apply to all ages.

I hope you enjoy looking through what Doncaster has to offer.

All of the images below have been taken by myself, usually when I’m working for various companies around the Doncaster area. If you own a business and are looking to stand out from your competition, please check out my architectural photography or interior photography pages, I work all over the UK and internationally.

Frenchgate shopping centre

The Doncaster Frenchgate shopping centre is perfect if you are wanting to spend the day shopping with family and friends. It has all of the major shops which you would need and also has plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants too. There are two separate areas to our shopping centre of which one is inside and the other is outside, so depending on the weather you can take your pick and avoid the rain if you need too. You will find a great atmosphere in the Frenchgate and the perfect place to stop by when visiting Doncaster.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Doncaster Racecourse

Doncaster Racecourse holds the St Ledger festival which is one of the biggest races in the country. If you are wanting a good day out in Doncaster then this is the place to be. The atmosphere is unbeatable and you can get dressed up and have some fun with friends and family. Ladies day is also very busy and you see a lot of the girls competing to win the highly regarded best-dressed award. Usually, on a Saturday they have bands play like UB40, Olly Murs and many more, so you can be assured you will have a great time.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Wool Market

This venue has just recently been renovated to now be the popular Wool Market. Thriving with great food, delicious beverages and an atmosphere to match, you can’t go wrong. When we go out we like to start our night here as there are always musicians on and the drinks are great from all of the bars. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere and the good thing about it is that kids are welcomed too.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset
lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

St Georges Minster

This church is something in Doncaster most people take for granted. Every time I show friends who are not from Doncaster they can’t believe the size of it inside. It looks amazing in the day and also it stands out as a great landmark when you drive through Doncaster too. (note, the moon isn’t there now as it tours the UK)

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall is amazing in the summer. We like to go up there and relax on the hill in front of Cusworth Hall. This spot has a great view and you can literally see the whole of Doncaster from up there. They also have a museum and a really nice cafe too.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall is known in Doncaster for its gardens, they are something else. It’s a good day out if you aren’t from Doncaster and relaxing I’d say. They do have a lot of events on for kids so this will be a good bet for a relaxing family day out.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Lakeside Lake

We go to Lakeside Lake all the time walking. It’s basically a big lake surrounded by green land. The sun sets just behind it too and it looks stunning. A lot of people exercise there and run around the lake as it takes around 45 minutes to walk around it. You will also find pubs close by if you want to go for food or drinks after.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Sandall Beat Wood

This is a good place to visit in autumn, Sandal Beat Wood isn’t far from the Doncaster Racecourse. We usually go there and I take some new family photos as it’s stunning in the autumn when all of the leaves have fallen off the trees. As you can see by the photo it makes an amazing backdrop. It’s quite a walk too if you walk around and there is also a play area for kids.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset


The Cast is our main theatre. I don’t go to the theatre much myself but hear a lot of good things about this place. I’ve seen a couple of shows there and they were both really good. What I love about the Cast is the design of the building. It’s really modern and looks great at night time.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Keepmoat Stadium

At Keepmoat Stadium, you can watch the football team Doncaster Rovers and also rugby too. It’s always busy on match days and you can actually hear the crowd while walking around the Lakeside lake too.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

I couldn’t just leave it at 10, could I? I’ve thrown one more in for you too 🙂

The Dome

Doncaster Dome is definitely one for a family day out. You have everything from swimming, ice skating, food, play area and also a gym. The dome also hosts a lot of nights where they have concerts and also boxing. It’s a great venue and continues to put on great events.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

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