Images of Durdle door

I’ve always wanted to take images of Durdle door and I found my opportunity last year. Durdle door is one of the places in the UK that is a highly sort after location for holidaymakers and photographers. The beaches look like you are abroad and it’s up there with the best spots to create images in the UK.ย 


Photographing Durdle door

As we all know the weather here in the UK can be very hit and miss. I was very lucky on this occasion as I managed to get images of Durdle Door on the Jurassic coast of both sunsets and of the Milkyway later at night. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much look before when I have been out taking photos.

Not just taking a photo of the Jurassic coast

When I set out to take photos I always want to create an image that I would want to hang on my wall, I spend a lot of time planning the shoot and checking sunset times, what the weather will be like and cloud cover etc. It’s essential as a photographer to get this bit correct. If you don’t you could end up making a wasted journey, for me, it’s a long way to go to be confronted with bad weather. This time all my checks paid off in a big way and I managed to get photos of Durdle door.


The walk down to Durdle door

Where you park up, it’s a pretty long walk from the main road. But, this walk is amazing if you’re walking down at sunset. I had to walk pretty quick as the sun was setting but the views were amazing. I could already see the image in my head as I walked down and just need to find the right spot to take it. This is the photo I got on the way down to Durdle door.

lulworth cove in dorset landscape photo at sunset

Durdle door in all its glory

As I walked around the corner I was greeted by this amazing view. This picture doesn’t even do it justice to what I was looking at in front of me. I wanted to quickly grab a photo before I lost the light as the sun was setting fast. You don’t get long at all until the light is completely gone so you have to act fast. This is the photo I got from that point.ย 

durdle door dorset, landscape photo at sunset

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The Milkyway over Durdle door.ย 

This image is probably up there with one of my favourite I’ve ever taken. It took a massive amount of planning as I set my camera up on a tripod 7 hours before the Milkyway and had to predict where it would rise. I did this as its so dark down there on the beach and it’s near impossible to focus with your camera. I then sat there all that time waiting for one precise moment to get this image. This photo is my most sold photo on my website and it makes me feel very proud that people want to hang an image of mine on their wall. I like to tell people about this photo as every photo has a story and I think it brings even more meaning to a photo than just looking at it.ย 

Milky way in dorset over durdle door on the jurassic coast

All the images in this blog are also available as fine art prints here

If you need any information or directions to Dorset or Durdle door check out this link to Visit Dorset website


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